Busselton Jetty Environment Foundation

Through its environmental arm, Busselton Jetty Inc. aims to be recognised as a leader of conservation in a world class environment. These webpages are dedicated to inspiring action and discovery of our unique place through education and science. 


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Marine Environment Objectives

Through the Busselton Jetty Environment Foundation, BJI aims to protect and preserve the marine environment in the vicinity of the Busselton Jetty and the wider environs of Geographe Bay

we do this by:

  • Facilitating, encouraging and participating in scientific research of the marine environment in Geographe Bay.
  • Developing strategic partnerships with universities, government departments, other research and environmental organisations and local secondary schools to further the associations knowledge of, and contribution to, the health of the marine environment of Geographe Bay.
  • Providing facilities on or near the Busselton Jetty that promote education, awareness and monitoring of the marine environment of the Jetty and the wider environs of Geographe Bay
  • Promoting the protection of the marine environment by providing education on fishing regulations and sustainability practises and City of Busselton by-laws

Western Australia’s marine environment offers unique habitats with diverse marine life, resources and social values.

Beneath Busselton Jetty is a wondrous place, showcasing the biodiversity of WA’s temperate marine ecosystems and unique marine life that live here. Influenced by the warm Leeuwin Current, life in the waters of Geographe Bay is a curious mix of sub tropical and temperate marine ecosystems. 

The Busselton Jetty Environment Foundation ensures BJ Inc.’s commitment to be recognised as leaders of marine conservation in a world class environment. We want to ensure the protection and conservation of both our land and marine based environments, for now and into the future.

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