Southern Roughy Trachichthys australis Check back later for further information on the Southern Roughy. Image by: S. Teede
Wrasse; Brownfields Check back later for further information on the Brownfields Wrasse.
Tubemouth Siphonognathus argyrophanes These fishes are endemic to Australian waters and found from the Bass Strait, around Tasmania and across to South West Australia.
Toadfish; Blue spotted Omegophora cyanopunctata Blue spotted toadfish are a bony fish belonging to the family Tetradontidae, which includes all toad and puffer fish
Toadfish; Banded Torquigener pleurogramma Toadfishes are a large, easily recognised group of about 100 species, of which 25 species are found in Western Australia. 
Threefin; Black-throated Helcogramma decurrens The trypterigids are a large family of about 130 species, which resemble the blennies but have three dorsal fins and
Wirrah; Western Acanthistius serratus The western wirrah has a greenish-brown colouration with numerous black-rimmed blue spots over the body surface and fins which form
Wirrah; Leopard Acanthistius pardalotus The Leopard Wirrah is a species endemic to Western Australia where it is found only on the west coast from
Knight fish Cleidopus gloriamaris The Knight fish are widely distributed throughout Australian waters from Shark Bay, WA to the Capricorn Group, QLD. Adults inhabit
John Dory Zeus faber The John Dory is a visually distinctive fish, recognised by its silvery grey oval, laterally-compressed thin body, extremely elongate dorsal
Opalescent Goby Nesogobius sp. Gobies comprise the world’s largest family of fish, the Gobiidae, with more than 2000 species known. Nearly all of the
Morwong; Red-Lipped Cheilodactylus rubrolabiatus The Red-Lipped Morwong has a beautiful pattern of seven broad brown bands across the body, with brown spotting in between