Long Snout Boarfish

Long snout Boarfish

Pentaceropsis recurvirostris

Boarfish are a small family of just 8 genera and 14 species worldwide, all 8 genera and 10 species can be found in Australian waters. This group of fishes have a large head with bony plates and large spiny fins and are easily recognised by their distinct colouring and body shape. It is usually silvery-white with black banding with the first band running through the eye and down onto the snout and lower jaw.  Primarily a deep water fish, only the Long-snouted Boarfish has an exceptional depth range extending from shallow to 260m depth. Very little is known about their life cycles and juvenile stages. The Long-snouted Boarfish is endemic to Australia and the most common boarfish in temperate Australian waters. It is found from Botany Bay, NSW, around Tasmania to South-Western Australia, reaching a maximum length of around 50 centimetres.  This species finds shelter on rocky reefs, caves or overhangs and can be seen solitary, in pairs or small aggregations.

Occurrence at the Busselton Jetty

Only solitary boarfish have been spotted from the Observatory windows on several occasions following the recent refurbishment of the jetty. An unusual visitor, they have been sighted around the sea floor.

Image by: S. Teede